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93 Cobra 363ci 6speed build

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93 Cobra 363ci 6speed build

My 93 cobra #4275 weight 3540LB

The Plan, Build a really nice daily driver keeping it looking as stock as I can. Many build a DD including me thats fast low 11s high 10s but not really dependable at that level. This time I'm hoping to make it more dependable.

Old build
My 93 Cobra build GT40 heads

Long term build
Dart Block 363 Trick Flow 205 11R heads Long Block build by (Have)
Innovators West Balancers (Have)
T-56 Magnum 1st 2.66 6th .063 (Have) Swap info thread below
T56 Magnum swap in Foxbody info and input?
Drive shaft 3.5in Aluminum 2 piece slip yoke, Aluminum flange (Hanlon Motorsports) (Have)
Crossmember (Stifflers) (Have)
Driveshaft loop (Stifflers) (Have)
QuickTime Bellhousings RM-8031 (Have)
Clutch McLeod RXT Twin Disc 1000HP Clutch (Have)
Clutch Fork (M-7515-A) (Have)
Speedo cable Part#'s Y869 ( (Have)
McLeod Aluminum Flywheel (Have)
Maximum Motorsports Aluminum Clutch Quadrant (Have)
Maximum Motorsports High Performance Clutch Cable (Have)
ARP Pressure Plate Bolts (Have)
402897 - Prosport Spark Plug Wire Boot - Black) (Going to slide this on the cable to help keep the heat off it and the speedo cable) (Have)
Stock Air Box (Have)
Megasquirt PNP (Have) (Stinger MS3)
C&L 85mm Mass air (have)
80mm BBK Throttle Body (Have)
Cobra intake ported 80mm TB opening (Have) BigDogs Porting on Facebook did port work. 326cfm Average This is his stage 3
42 pound injectors (Have)
Nitrous kit (Have) (Nitrous Express fogger) single stage 175shot NOS 73 Fuel 23 jets
Nitrous Express secondary fuel cell (Have) VP NO2 fuel
PA Racing MOLY K member Rack and motor mounts 3/4in drop (Have)
4.1122G motor mounts give a 3/4in lower than stock (Have)
4.1104G Transmission mount 1/4in lower than stock (Have)
Exhaust is RCI 1 3/4 long tubes and 3in H pipe, 3in magnflows and 3in out the back. (Have)
Gears 331 (stock tire size 26in) (Have) May go 308s
31 spline axels and TrueTac (Have)
340lph T fuel pump (Have)
strange 10 way adjustable front and rear shocks (Have)
Electric fan (Have) Mark 8 fan with DCC controller Part# FK-75
MSD 6 Plus with 2 step and timing retard (Megasquirt controls this now)
Baseline Street launch upper and lowers (Have) set at 2deg
Mickey Thompson ET streets S/S tires 315/35r17 on 10.25in 93 cobra replica wheels (Have)
93 Cobra with 93 cobra replica wheels 315s

Want to keep it looking stock looking under the hood thats why the stock cobra stuff. Want to get High 10s out of the build. Would love more but would be happy with that. Am not going to turn more than 6,800 rpm on the car max. Thinking more like 6,300 rpm's.

Thought I would post my engine build (Fordstroker built)

I'm hoping for 500HP NA but I built this motor for 1,200hp+.

Dart SHP 363 Internal Balanced, Trickflow 11R 205 heads 66cc (Fel Pro MLS 1134 Head Gaskets). 10.1 compression
RPM 4340 crank, Scat 4340 H Beam Rods, 2618 Forged Wiseco Pistons, Wiseco's GFX ring. Motor is good for 9k rpms if I used solid lifters (I'm not) was told 7,500 with hydraulic lifters.
Custom cam for NA (Idle to 6,500rpms) Int .574 Exh .571 Dur @.050 Int 224 Exh 234 Lobe 112
8 way adjustable SA Gear billet timing chain with a torrigton bearing
Morel HYD roller link bar lifters. (5323)
3/8 pushrods 4130 Chromemoly
Jesel shaft rockers (They only make one for the 11r heads) (KPS-470191)
Moroso Oil Pan with billet end seals
Melling Standard Volume Oil Pump (10687)(I didn't want a high volume pump)
Moroso Oil Pump Pick up (24516)
ARP Billet Oil Pumpshaft
New timing cover
Edelbrock Water Pump (8840) (He is going to cut the tip down to 3/8 to help fit me electric fan)
All ARP bolts (All of them I know its a little extreme) LMR make a kit for the timing and water pump
All Fel Pro gaskets

I have no problem with you posting if you think I should do something different or ideas on my build. Its just a toy and I want to have fun with it.

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Auto part
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Need more pics.
Looks great man. Nice progress.
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