Mileage:55000 M
Original Florida car
54k miles

I bought this fox last year to restore and have a fun summer/beach cruiser. I’ve been wrenching on my racecar fox (89 GT) for 15 years so I know Foxes.

The previous owner had installed a bunch of crap so most of that has been removed.

Previous owner installed: rear disc brake (4 lug)
Ford racing shorty headers, x pipe, tubular gt40 intake manifold, aluminum gt40x heads, some cam (prob an alphabet cam), gears (i think 3.73), strut tower brace, koni struts/shocks, aftermarket speakers, aluminum radiator, better alternator, larger ford maf and throttle body,

I installed: Maximum Motorsports lower control arms, ford oem upper control arms, MM panhard bar, oem headlights, oem hood, mach 1 lip, oem ford badge on front bumper cover, oem LX badge on trunk, touchscreen Bluetooth head unit (radio, usb etc), correct motorcraft spark plugs, ford racing plug wires, motorcraft cap and rotor, oem mufflers, stock airbox, stock cooling fan and shroud, brand new rubber grommet for fuel inlet pipe to fuel tank, smog pump delete and short belt, mishimoto shift knob, i have stock one as well, new fuel filter, new ignition switch, new starter solenoid,

The good: i have a bin of spare parts, clean interior, in great shape overall

The bad: passenger quarter window doesn’t go down(motor works) flip switch to start the car, the trigger wire is bad I didn’t want to trace it so i just wired up a switch to engage the starter.

Exhaust leak passenger side header to x pipe flange

Andrew 860 916 5549