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91 GT for sale - IL

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91 GT for sale - IL - Lowered Price

White 91 GT for sale. Its got a fresh 306 with less than 6,000 miles on it. Upgrades include Eagle rods,Keith Black .200 domed pistons, new Fms roller lifters,comp pushrods,GT40P heads with a port clean up, Stock intake ported by tmoss, balanced rotating assembly, E303 cam,ARP head bolts,intake bolts,and main bolts,New FMS steel double roller timing chain, Taylor wires, Crane PS92 coil, 24# injectors,Kirban Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, 255 Walbro Fuel Pump, 75mm Mass Air with a Densecharger cold air intake,Summit Water pump, Summit balancer, 3G alternator upgrade, ministarter, Modified FlowTech Long tube headers, DynoMax Bullet mufflers,MM full length Subframes,MM caster camber plates, Brembo Rotors, new pads and shoes, 3 core radiator, all new headlight assembley and some more stuff that I cant think of right now. I had the car dynoed at Anderson Motorsports a few months ago and my dyno graph is in the galleries. It had a bad coil at the time and caused a miss from about 3500-6000 but still put down 233 RWHP and 300ft lbs of torque. Oh and I have all the receipts. The coil has been replaced and the miss is gone. I just havent had the time to go back and get it dynoed again. Car runs fine now.

New Pics in the gallery
Dyno #'s and pics can be seen here.
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few questions for you. Miles? Interior color? where in IL are you located?
U've got mail
can you send me some more pics, and are you interested in a trade, send me an e-mail at [email protected]

budlight u've got mail
I would also like some more info and Pics
[email protected]
Do you think it will pass emissions in MO with cats on the car? If so, I am interested...I would have to sell my truck first, but I am extremely interested in your car. Thanks
Trades? My 1993 Lightning?....Where in IL?

Yes I think it would pass emissions with cats. Sorry not really interested in any trades at this moment. Im about 60 miles west of springfield IL
yep its still for sale
91 Gt

What can you tell me about the condition of the body and interior ? From the two pics, it looks pretty good to me.


The interior is in pretty good shape. Its starting to get that small tear on the side of the drivers seat. The body has 2 spots of rust. both are starting on the driverside quarter.
oh yes send pics to [email protected]

I am in Decatur Btw so I could get this soon if the price is right!
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