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1989 TTA#1053 For Sale or Trade:

Salvage Title Vehicle. I have pics of it wrecked so you can see the damage was not past the radiator Support (Still has the Original undamaged Radiator in the car.

Thrasher chip with theft deterrent, Fuel Pump Hot Wire Kit, Billet adjustable Fuel pressure regulator, adjustable waste gate, Knock Gage and boost/vac gage in a Autometer A-pillar pod, and I am including the Fender emblems and a Lap top computer with Turbo Link for tuning.
The paint has a few (2 or 3 the size of a quarter at most) yellowing spots and the wing has some wrinkling in the paint, but no Cracks. The interior only has one wear spot and that’s on the side of the driver’s seat.

The only thing right now is it seems to be very hard to get the boost under control. It’s running a Street 92 Octane Thrasher Chip. Knock comes in over
14PSI. I have been trying to chase this down, but the weather got pretty bad here, so the TTA is setting in the garage. So far we found a bad coil and replaced the Spark Plug wires and plugs, so it has a brand new coil pack, New MSD Super Conductor Plug wires (Still have originals in a box), and new Plugs.

It has now passes inspection, and received a Kenwood CD player equipped with Sirius Satellite Radio. Plus MTX 3-way 6X9's and MTX Dash Plates. All factory wiring remains intact and un hacked, we ran all new wires, and I still have the original radio, but it does not work.

I think it now has ~46000 miles on the clock. Plus, it still needs an antenna installed and fog lights. The wires are there for the fog lights, but not for the

I haven't been trying to sell it recently, but I am always
taking offers. It hasn’t moved in about a month now due to weather. I truly love the car, but I can not protect it the way it should be. I want a car I can feel less guilty about driving. Plus, I miss the V8 sound of my last Trans Am. I want a Stick shift, convertibles are a plus, love Blue or Black cars, and white Leather is a total plus.

Looking to get around $10,000 for outright sale or a good trade, I will adjust what I expect to get out of my car based off of how interested I am in a Trade offer.

Pics at
Contact: [email protected]
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