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1982 Mercury Capri RS
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So I went to start my mustang this morning to go to work and the starter stuck on.
I turned the key off and removed it, but it was still going, so I disconnected the battery and that's how it sits now.
I haven't had any time to look at it yet, so just preparing checklist.
Car is a manual transmission.

My 2 thoughts are ignition switch or starter solenoid.
Car is 33+ years old, so I know crap is starting to get old.

First, if it was the ignition switch that was sticking (sending power to the small post), wouldn't that stop when I took my foot off the clutch due to the clutch safety switch?
The clutch switch is between the ignition and the solenoid, correct?

Someone mentioned a bad battery could cause it to stick.
Battery is new less than 2 weeks ago...but doesn't rule out that it's not bad.
I'll check datalogs when I get home to see what voltage was during the initial cranking.

My main thought is solenoid.
I'd prefer to get a Motorcraft one, but I don't want to wait the week or so to get one (non in stock locally).
Any 'better' parts store brands?
My thought is to spend a few bucks on a decent auto parts store version and also order the Motorcraft one so I can at least have the car back on the road for the next week.
Yes, throwing some money away doing that, but it won't break the bank.
I had the exact same symptom. Changed the solenoid out with a Standard from O'reilly's and havent had an issue since. Would've gone Motorcraft but it wasn't in stock.
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