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'89 GT in Kansas City, many mods, MUST SELL!!!!

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NEED TO SELL!!! '89 GT many mods. car is white with gray ground effects. Exterior is in good condition, could use new paint. The car DOES NEED A COWL HOOD. the stock hood (along with many other stock parts) is included. The cowl is needed to clear the intake manifold. Here are the Mods:

F303 cam
Omega 1.6 roller rockers (stud mount)
Comp hardened push rods
Explorer upper and lower intake
1" phenolic spacer
polised valve covers
2.5 off road h pipe
flowmasters dumped before the axle
3.55 gears
pro 5.0 shifter
sub frame connectors

Minor quirks-
You have to slightly lift up on the handles when opening the doors from the outside. When opening the doors from the inside all is well
The stock hood is on the car, but should be replaced. It does not clear the intake with the spacer on. The hood does close, but a bolt on the intake manifold had caused a slight bump on the hood from when it was shut by a friend.
car had not been tuned since cam install. It drives fine, but i am sure there is power to be found with a tune.
NO AC, it was removed by the previous owner
The radio works, but only 1 speaker works
Needs new speedo cable (included, just not installed)

Extra parts-
car will come with two spare "turbine" GT wheels
comes with extra set of front tweed GT seets, drivers seat had "the lean" passenger seat is in perfect shape. Seats that are in the car are in very good shape
comes with stock intake manifuld
explorer fuel rails, injectors, and engine wiring harness
stock rockers and pushrods

The car has 90K on it, the engine has 15K on it, the tranny has 9K on it. (it is the tranny from Joe Johnston's hot street coupe, from when he originally purchased it. the car was purchased from Joe Johnston's son John in Jan. 2003, the car has been driven MAYBE 50 miles since i bought it, i just dont have the time for the car right now. The car runs very strong, and i would not hesitate to daily drive it.

Looking for $4300 OR BEST OFFER. I would like to sell this car as soon as possible. If interrested please post up here and send an email to [email protected] email will be the best way to get a hold of me. I NEED TO SELL THIS CAR


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engine shot


I forgot, the stock cam is also included.

Thanks for a good deal. I'm looking forward to starting on my new project!

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