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89 GT 347 swapped

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Hello all Im new to this forum & I need help with my 5.0. I don't know where else to go. I bought my car to get to know my way around an engine. I have a heavily modified engine. As of now my car DOES NOT because i need help with the engine management. These are all the parts I have bought for my 5.0.

Vortech Super charger S Series V-1 serial #11687.
Trick Flow Mustang top end engine kit with Track Heat Intake (87-93) 5.0L
FORD 302 CAST ROT 347 #942-1-94165BE 28oz Balanced
Mustang 47LB Fuel Injector Kit (86-04) Ford racing Performance Parts
# M9593LU47-K
SCT Big Air 2600 MAF #946-BA-2600

I bought more for my car but this is all engine wise that i bought. I need help with the engine management now. I have did calling to mail order some chips but they all tell me its better to take it to a dyno shop. When i take it to the dyno shop they tell me they can't help me because my clutch and engine have 0 miles broken in on them. I need help on what chip i should get and who i should order from... I just want my car back on the roads. Thanks for any & all the help.
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Find a different shop. The engine can be give a mild power limited tune on the dyno without blowing the clutch, and brought back later for full power tuning after the clutch is broken in.
i break in engines and clutches on the dyno all the time

take it elsewhere
Post where in California your at so maybe someone local can help you.
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