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Hey all, I just got to Ft Sam Houston and I'm itching to get back into a Mustang. Like, a really bad itch. >.<

I'm looking for a manual, color isn't a big deal as long as it's not all screwed up/dinged and so on.
Mostly stock but mildly modified would be okay.
Mileage doesn't matter as long as it's in good shape.
MINIMAL ISSUES & CLEAN TITLE, I won't buy a project car or a car with a history of this part breaking then that part right after etc etc. (Was my last car, HUGE headache)
$6000 is probably my max price.
But anyways, shoot me some PM's or post up some pictures and I'll get back to ya.

You can text me as well if that is easier. Just make sure you include pictures of the car please :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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