This is an 88 lx hatch, I assume someone got a wrecked saleen at some point and put all the good stuff on this car. Has 5lug rear disc 8.8, 5 lug front, 5 lug saleen wheels, race craft suspension, saleen gauges, saleen body kit 2inch lift off hood, cage, sumped tank with braided lines to engine bay, external fuel pump, alot of aftermarket guages. Carpet was cut out, saleen door panels, 90s style stereo system with sub box. I have title for car. Is original 5.0 5spd car.
Shock towers have 0 rust or rot, they're in perfect shape, floors are also in perfect shape. The trim on the car is In worn condition, hatch has a little bit of rust. Overall it is a great roller with some very desirable original saleen equipment!
Currently not looking to part the car out, want to sell as a complete roller. I beilieve car was last titled around 06 and has sat for some time since