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Typical project car that never got finished, selling for pennies on the dollar. It’s an '87 coupe body, doors, hood and trunk lid. I've done most of the prep work to cage it, removed all the sound deadening already, cut off most of the excess metal, cut out the trunk for a fuel cell and removed the rear bracing for the seats and trunk lid springs. I stopped cutting on the car because I wanted to get the cage in before the tub warped. There are no VIN's on the car, so no title. There is only minor surface rust in a few places on the car, and the only ding is in the right rear corner. The hood is rust free but has a couple dents in the front and has been cut so it will need hood pins (weighs about 25#'s). The trunk lid is cut as well and will require pins (weighs in around 13#'s). There are GT tail lights, the stock steering column and rack are there along with the stock brake booster. It rolls on an IRS, with Maximum Motorsport k-member and arms. ‘96+ spindles, Steeda wheels with junk Pirelli 305 PWC slicks all around. Also have a T-5 from a 99+ 3.8L V6 that I made a custom front bearing plate to work with a Tilton hydraulic throw out bearing. I made an adapter to bolt up to the newer 3.7L V6 from the '11+ Mustangs. Also made my own aluminum flywheel for a 6" 3 disc Coleman clutch to work with this engine/trans combo. Have a spare input shaft to use as an alignment tool because those plastic ones are junk. Never got around to making transmission or engine mounts though. Also has custom aluminum front hubs I made that use tapered roller bearings, they can be removed and run factory hubs as the spindles were not modified. Already have the long ARP studs in them. Also have ARP studs for the rear but never put them in. Coleman toe plates I bought and improved are included also. Have (2) 3.7L engines. One came from a flood damage car, so I don't know what condition it's in. The other came from a running wrecked car.

$3500 OBO located in Brohman, MI

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