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After much thought, I have decided to part with my 87-93 custom bi-xenon HID headlight setup. I don't drive the car at night much anymore and I'd like to use the money to purchase more performance-oriented parts.

All the information about how I built these lights is in the following thread:

Included is everything necessary to install this setup in your car. This is essentially a plug-and-play installation with the exception of a high beam wire that will need to be removed from the stock plug and spliced into a new high beam harness. The fiberglass frame that attaches the front bumper to the car will also need to be trimmed to allow room for the large projectors to fit through.

This "kit" includes:

-Two modified ultra-clear headlight housings equipped with BMW e46 Bi-xenon projectors and BMW shrouds
-Two Philips D2S OEM bulbs
-Two aftermarket HID ballasts/igniters
-9004 headlight harness from
-Custom high beam harness

Also included are the brackets that mount the headlights to the car. I will note that one of the brackets is missing a mounting bolt (can be seen in 3rd picture). Some of the little metal clips that secure the housing to the bracket are also broken. This should not be a problem because you can use the clips and bolt from the housings currently in your car.

After I removed everything from the car, I replaced all the relays in the kit and completely rebuilt the high beam harness with all new components to neaten it up a little.

The lens housings are in perfect shape with no scratches or marks. The glass of the projectors are in flawless condition too.

Below are some pictures of everything included:

I also bench tested the lights after I removed them from the car to make sure they were in working condition before I boxed them up.

Low beams:

High beams:

I have over $500 invested in these lights in addition to 30+ hours worth of fabrication and research time (HIDplanet was a godsend for this project!). I'm looking to get $425 shipped for the entire setup. I will include a set of instructions how to hook everything up. I labeled every wire that needs to be plugged in or connected to something.

Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested. I accept paypal. PM's are okay too, but I can respond quicker through e-mail on my phone.

Any questions...just ask!
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