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have an 86 coupe as a beater for my daily commute. Well My commute got a lot shorter and I dont think I need it right now. Also found out that my Rott is going to have to have knee surgery so I need to come up with a little money.

Anyway its a 1986 2.3L single barrel carb 4 speed. Drives awesome. Newer tires and brakes plus and extra set of rear pads .

Anyway its black with red interior. The dash pad is cracked and the back seats are faded from age. The head liner is not saging and all glass is in great shape. Carpet is in good shape as well as seats. The drivers seat is actually a passenger seat. You cant tell the difference till you recline the seat and then you have to reach to the right instead of the left. The only thing missing is the drivers armrest.

The exterior is fair. No major rust but the hood, roof and trunk have a some surface rust popping throught the paint. Also the front nose as a crack in it on the lower passenger side. There are no major dents or anything like that. Good tires also.

The motor has 120k on it. Doesnt leak anything on my driveway and fires up everytime. No smoke or anything. Tranny shifts perfect with no grinding as well as no noise from the rearend. The heat and A/C work. I did the R134 conversion. It should really be vacuumed out and then charged which is very cheap. A can at Autozone is like $7. Most mechanic shops will vacuum it for cheap. I was just lazy and charged it up.

All the switches work as well as lighting. The maplight bulb is burnt out but the clip still holds it in place and the little switch is still in working order. It does NOT have a radio in it because the one I have is my cousins that I am borrowing. The rear speakers work but I never hooked the fronts up.

This car is a great daily driver car. It gets 25mpg the last tank I ran through.

Let me know if anyone is interested. $750

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