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84 GT T-Top Roller

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We are thinking about selling our 1984 GT Roller with T-Tops. This started as a project car, but life has changed and time and energy are not there. The car is in good shape, but does need some work. All the interior is there, but all has been taken out of the car. All the windows have been broken by some kids who thought it would be funny. I have some pics from a year or so back, but not much has changed. If you are really interested let me know and we can get some other pics if necessary.

Also, we have an 87 GT that is also a T-Top roller. This was a parts/body car. Has some rust in the floorboards from what we can tell. Looks esthetically pleasing otherwise. Like I said we intended to use this for ground effects, parts, and we got a good deal. I can package the 2 or sell parts, or sell individually.

Thinking $550.00 for the 84 and $350.00 for the 87. $750 takes them both. Parts let me know. Make and Offer.

[email protected]

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Price Drop Now $750 for the 84 and $550 for the 87. Will sell both as a set for $1000
Price Drop. Now $550 for the 84 and $350 for the 87. $750 takes them both. Need to get them out of the yard.
Wish you was closer i would scoop em up!
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I'm in Michigan & was wondering if the '84 GT is still available?

Wish you was closer i would scoop em up!
me 2
Are they still forsale

i am in grand rapids are the cars still for sale????? let me know thanks.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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