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Ok, here is the deal, I have the opportunity to pick this car up at a GREAT price for me. I would be willing to pick it up, and play middle man, and sell it to someone here for a small profit, There are a lot of low people here who would buy it to beat into the ground.
The only rust spot I found are some bubbles coming up, which I have enclosed a pic. NO floorpan rust, however, the drivers side seat appears to have busted through the floor pan at one time, and looks hastily welded, but not rusted, that is the only bad spot I could see underneith. The engine runs, but the clutch is fried. This is a 4 speed 5.0 car.

You need to work FAST, as My window to pick up this car is slipping, don't be afraid to offer me a price!!!! I wan't a corraler to restore this car.

Next pic is bird poop, not rust

I do have a couple more pics, email

[email protected] quick if interested.
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