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It pains me to do this, as I have owned this car since 2007 and it has been a V8 swapped daily driver, then transitioned into race car project that never finished, but at this stage in life I will not get to this project for many years and a move necessitates sale.

82 Capri race car. I purchased this car as a non-running 4cyl from A&G Auto Salvage in Goleta, CA and I do have a CA title for it (salvage title due to purchasing it from wrecking yard). I have hundreds of pictures from start to finish showing the car as a daily driver, then cage build. American Iron spec cage with door bars, all tig welded. Cage was done 5 years ago locally and has some surface rust. Through the floor subframe connectors as well as MM subframes. I do have the windshield for it, uncracked. It was removed to do the cage. Has the following aftermarket/ speed parts that will go with the car:

Bilstein HD's shocks/ struts
MM front coilovers with 275 in/lb springs
MM caster-camber plates
MM stainless steel brake lines
MM rear lower adjustable control arms
MM replacement upper control arms
MM solid steering shaft
MM bumpsteer kit
SN95 a-arms
1994-1995 spindles
1994-1995 Cobra booster and master cylinder
8.8 with 3.55 gears, rebuilt Trak-Lock with F150 S-Spring and extra clutches
Yukon forged axles, ARP wheel studs
fully welded and reinforced torque boxes
99-04 GT front brakes, 94-98 Cobra rear brakes
1986-1993 front/ rear swaybars
1993 Cobra ebrake cables
T5 pedal assembly
Wilwood proportioning valve
SN95 steering rack
Original wiring harness uncut

Asking $1200. The parts alone are worth that but I'd love to see someone use the car for what it was built for. It is not inexpensive to have a properly designed tig welded cag built! Located in Ventura, CA.


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Sold! Car is going to a gentleman up state who has some sort of small race team with several other road race fox bodies. He intends to put it together and do local events at Sears Point, Thunder Hill, etc. So, hopefully the car will live on!
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