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I currently have a 1993 5.0 HO engine w/ EFI that I just finished rebuilding to stock except for a b303 cam, its going in a 65 mustang for a weekend streetcar. The plan is to purchase good headers/exhaust/fuel system/etc to support a 450hp 331 naturally aspirated stroker.

I was wondering if I should buy a new carb/intake or stick with the EFI?
With a stock 5.0 engine, will a new carb/intake setup give a good hp boost over stock EFI?
As for carbs/intakes is it possible to purchase a good combo that will work w/ a stock 5.0 and a stroker?
In the long run, I want to choose an induction system that wont have to completely be replaced when I build a stroker and will save me the most money in parts. Recommendations on induction combos would also be appreciated. Thanks
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