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4v DOHC blue valve covers NEW 07-12 5.4

I've got 2 sets of valve covers for sale. I picked these up a few years ago and have no practical use for them other than some man cave pieces. These are brand new and never even made it to a warehouse. They came straight from the manufacturer where they were cast and sent to the coaters where I got them. They were set aside because they had inconsistant coating depth. What that means to you? Honestly not much. They merely did not pass inspection for what was specified and could not be sold to general public. Visually they look no different than a set you'd buy from a store.

They don't come with any hardware or anything. What you see on the covers is what you get. I'm not incredibly sure what to price them at, so I'll set it at $200/set OBO. I will take more pictures if you would like, just ask. And like I said, I am open to OFFERS

Feel free to contact me through here or my email address @:

[email protected]

My PayPal address is the same. If you'd like to contact me via phone call or text, request through a pm or post in the thread

Edit to add: I just noticed my low post count. I'm not sure why it's so low, I really thought it was much higher. I've bought several items from here and have been a member since 09. I've been a member on other forums for several years as well and have bought/sold things there as well under the same under the same screen name (r1-forum, mustangforums to name 2) If this is a problem please let me kno. Sorry about that
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