So I have all of these parts, most came off of my 32k original mile fox, some were new. I always said i would keep them to do a 4cl to v8 swap but here we are.

I am moving and it doesn't make sense to take them along. I would consider selling separate but wanted to list here to see if anyone wanted to do a package deal. For the right price I am motivated. Either way, won't be cheap. I am moving but the parts are staying at my brother's house in the NW suburbs in IL. So I am motivated to sell but if they don't sell my brother will take them.

I honestly have no idea now much to ask so my price is a starting point, feel free to PM me.

From the top, general descriptions:

32k original mile stock long block with GT40 TUBULAR intake, FMS valve covers, 1.7 roller rockers, FMS clutch and pressure plate. No accessories or fuel rails or injectors.

Rebuilt t5, less than 300 miles, built to world class specs. Stock bell housing and crossmember.

BMR brand new K member and almost new front A arms.

FMS aluminum driveshaft

8.8 rear end, 32k original miles, 2.73 gear, 5 lug yukon axles and FMS rear cover. Comes with FMS 3.73 gear, brand new. Drums are new but no internals to brakes.

93 cobra booster and master cylinder, NEW in box.

Eibach front struts, rear shocks, front and rear lowering springs. Less than 300 miles.

Fox v8 spindles, used and front disc brakes.

QA1 upper control arms or stock uppers. Stock have less than 300 miles, QA1 are new.

Maximum motorsports lowers, less than 300 miles.

FMS clutch cable, used.

255 lph pump.

I have injectors and MAF and intake pipes in other listings (not included in this package )

I think that is it but I am sure I have other misc things. More or less it is a great start to doing a v8 swap, if not everything.