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Seems the 408 and 347 short blocks are very close in price. My dilema is which one to go with? I have the afr185cc heads,holley intake etc.
My original plan was a sollid roller 347 using a sportsman block,victor 5.0 etc.
Now I am thinking 408.For these reasons...
1. I will have to buy a new intake,headers,tb,oil pan,exhaust,cam(sollid roller),sportsman block etc all for a 347.

Seems with a 408 I would have to buy these parts as well.I know I will need the frpp brackets as well to run my a/c power steering.I would have to buy new heads to replace my AFR185cc.

My original goal was 425-450rwhp (sollid roller) on pump gas. But it seems for a little more(not sure how much more) I can have a more streetable motor and more power as well.

Racer7088,Ed Curtis your opinions???

Mike89lx,01 Cobra
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