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402rwhp/359rwtq Stock Short Block 302

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I put this combo together based on Rock4451's post here 372rwhp Thread I thought it was super impressive for a bolt on 302. Life gets busy and he unfortunately never got it dialed in at the track. I happen to drag race quite a bit so I decided I would try to put one together and see how quick I can go. My previous combo was ported GT40Y's, F303+ cam = 11.86 at 114 354rwhp STD.

I got it on the dyno yesterday and the results blew me away. The TFS 190 11R's and Ed's cam picked up 60 HP at the wheels!(STD) I'll post the SAE smoothing 5 sheet since that is what Rock had posted in his thread(Uncorrected and STD numbers/sheets are in the video). I did not do any tuning, just a couple pulls and the AFR is pig rich. I'll be able to fine tune that at the track. I had looked at the plugs and put in a fresh O2 sensor before the dyno and pulled some jets and it was still rich at about 11.5 AFR across the board.

I've been to the track a few times this year before the dyno and ran a best of 11.58 at 117mph. PB 60' at 1.58. Now the goal is to get the suspension, clutch program, chassis, and me the driver as efficient as possible and see how quick we can go.

1968 Torino GT 3260 pounds with driver
Stock explorer 302 short block - stock lifters
FTI custom hydraulic roller cam
TFS 190 11R’s 56cc
Victor JR intake 1 inch open spacer
Holley 650HP
1 5/8" headers - 3” HARM X-pipe and mufflers
MSD ignition
Electric fan - Small crank pulley
Aluminum flywheel and driveshaft
G-Force street T5
9” 4.30’s 31 spline Yukon locker
MT 26 x 10 stiff wall slicks
Calvert 90/10 shocks
Mororo 242# trick springs
Calvert mono leafs and Caltrac bars
Viking double adjustable shocks
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I started posting some vids on youtube just sharing the process if you're interested. I don't have the personality to carry a channel lol. Just having some fun. Not much out there for Torino content... especially SBF stick car stuff.

Dyno video.

First passes of the year.
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Awesome post/results/decision making.
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Sick ass video… old dude just pedaling it on the bumper… gawt damn!
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