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402rwhp/359rwtq Stock Short Block 302

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I put this combo together based on Rock4451's post here 372rwhp Thread I thought it was super impressive for a bolt on 302. Life gets busy and he unfortunately never got it dialed in at the track. I happen to drag race quite a bit so I decided I would try to put one together and see how quick I can go. My previous combo was ported GT40Y's, F303+ cam = 11.86 at 114 354rwhp STD.

I got it on the dyno yesterday and the results blew me away. The TFS 190 11R's and Ed's cam picked up 60 HP at the wheels!(STD) I'll post the SAE smoothing 5 sheet since that is what Rock had posted in his thread(Uncorrected and STD numbers/sheets are in the video). I did not do any tuning, just a couple pulls and the AFR is pig rich. I'll be able to fine tune that at the track. I had looked at the plugs and put in a fresh O2 sensor before the dyno and pulled some jets and it was still rich at about 11.5 AFR across the board.

I've been to the track a few times this year before the dyno and ran a best of 11.58 at 117mph. PB 60' at 1.58. Now the goal is to get the suspension, clutch program, chassis, and me the driver as efficient as possible and see how quick we can go.

1968 Torino GT 3260 pounds with driver
Stock explorer 302 short block - stock lifters
FTI custom hydraulic roller cam
TFS 190 11R’s 56cc
Victor JR intake 1 inch open spacer
Holley 650HP
1 5/8" headers - 3” HARM X-pipe and mufflers
MSD ignition
Electric fan - Small crank pulley
Aluminum flywheel and driveshaft
G-Force street T5
9” 4.30’s 31 spline Yukon locker
MT 26 x 10 stiff wall slicks
Calvert 90/10 shocks
Mororo 242# trick springs
Calvert mono leafs and Caltrac bars
Viking double adjustable shocks
Rectangle Slope Font Parallel Plot
Receipt Font Number Pattern Temperature

I started posting some vids on youtube just sharing the process if you're interested. I don't have the personality to carry a channel lol. Just having some fun. Not much out there for Torino content... especially SBF stick car stuff.

Dyno video.

First passes of the year.
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Add another .015" shim to the pressure plate.
I have them in .010" so was going make a big swing to add .020" for total of .030" and see what happens lol. Nobody talks about shimming diaphragm clutches so I'm kind of guessing and figuring it out. Thank for the info!
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what was the weather/density altitude for the runs? i Think in good weather and once you get everything diesels in you should see over 120.
the 11.58 runs? One day was with the open spacer and 500' over and the other day was 4 hole spacer and 500' below. I put the open spacer back on for the dyno.
Was thinking about how impressive your combo is. What fuel do you run it on?
Pump 93
Good Job!!! Too bad they don't make a 1 3/4 header for that chassis, would pick up more suspect.
A guy messaged me saying my combo is mismatched and needed a 2.5" exhaust and a dual plane. I've had them and the car has never been faster than it is now lol Posting stuff on the internet gets pretty interesting.
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Welcome to my world!

Surprised that one of those "BoobTube" experts hasn't told you that a camshaft over .600" lift is going to cause piston to valve issues. :LOL:
I did get the PTV clearance questions a bunch in the comment section even tho I posted a video with the clay and the measurements :LOL:

The flywheel really has people fired up tho. I feel like 40 pound flywheels were one of things guys bragged about back in the day with their 3/4 race cam and double hump heads.
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If you could control the front end on the launch and get rid of that bog it would go 11.30s.

As funny as the comments are, the car would probably be faster without the aluminum flywheel, it is bogging pretty good as soon as it hits the tires.
I think 11.3 or maybe even quicker is doable. With some seat time I'll get there. It takes some practice to make the hero runs.

In my opinion heavy flywheels steal torque. Torque is what moves the car. People love to say the inertia of the heavy flywheel will help the launch... do these people have 50 pounds of crank pulley and harmonic balancer for inertia? The bog is clutch, suspension, tire, and driver issues which I will continue to work on... again in my opinion. Also it bogged with the heavy flywheel also.

Cale at Black Magic shared his info from all of his data saying the inertia helps very little and the weight savings on each shift is worth more.

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Try a tapered spacer to.
Yep I tried that the first couple trips this year. The time slip on the left is 1" open and almost +500' DA. Slip on the right is HVH 4 hole tapered -600' DA. I concluded the open is a tad better since its an 1100' difference in DA. With this data I swapped the open back on and that's how it was dyno'ed.
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About a year late. But it's close.
Heads rolled 50.5cc. Explorer block,decked. 226/238 I think, cant remember.
Should peak somewhere around yours. Probably be chassis dyno
I this you're Summit F303+ cam combo you had message me about back in 2021? Or have you changed it up since?
Why stay with a diaphragm clutch if the rules don’t demand it?

My build is creeping along slowly. Love reading about other small displacement manual transmission builds. Keep up the great work Mikey and Brent.
For me it was a budget thing at the time. A clutch and scatter shield adds like $2500+. But if and when the T5 breaks again I'm thinking faceplated TKX and get with Cale on a clutch. And if the 302 breaks then a ZSR 363.. Might have to sell the Shelby lol.
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Mikey, my car always had a bog like yours. I changed to Hoosier 26x8.5 slick from the MT 26x10 and picked up .23 et. Best time with the MT was 12.17. First pass on the Hoosier was 11.99 and backed it up with an 11.94. MPH was the same. It still has a little bog though. Great job with the progress, can’t wait to see more!
I have thought about that as well.
Hoping to make it to test and tune this Saturday but... was out on a 100 mile round trip cars and coffee this weekend and downshifting 3rd got a little crunchy. Decided to pull it to shim the clutch for test and tune and throw a synchro in 3rd. Pulled the drain plug and it had chunks of metal on it. 1st gear was missing a few teeth. I said I wasn't going to fix this trans again but my schedule the next month doesn't allow for a TKX install. Goal is making Midwest Drags in July with my son so I ordered a gear from G Force. If it gets here by Thursday I should be able to slam it together for Saturdays TnT. I decided to play it safe and add another .010" to the clutch for a total of .020".
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