Up for sale I have 4 OEM 4 Lug Pony Wheels with 4 center caps. The size is 16x7. These wheels are nearly in perfect condition with no curb rash or any damage at all. Unfortunately I don't have a tire machine with me, so the tires have to go with the wheels. I would not recommend using these tires at all. 2 of the Yokohama AVS ES100 tires in 245/50 ZR 16 96 W are practically brand new, but are probably 15-20 years old. The other 2 tires on there are Yokohama AVS AV1-50i 225/50 ZR 16 that show much more wear. Either way, it really doesn't matter, since both sets of tires are so old they need to be replaced.

These are great for putting on your car while doing a major project and not wanting to get any dirt or grime on your regular wheels or getting a paint job done and not wanting to expose your normal wheels to possible over spray.

Anyways, these aren't just some cheap knock-off made in china wheels. They are dated on the inside to 1994, so they are Ford OEM original wheels. I'm not asking a bunch, I just need to make room in my basement since their is a negative space to free space ratio lol.

Asking $350.00. Since this is a pick-up only. Cash will be accepted.