8.2 deck SBF Carb to pan 354ci:
Dart Sportsman block with Arp main studs/head studs and coated bearings
Scat 4340 standard/standard 3.250 stroke
Eagle 5.400" H beams with Arp 2000 bolts
Ross 4.165 gas ported pistons for nitrous with hardened wrist pins (button style)
ATI zero balance balancer
Comp Cams link bar lifters
Melling Hv oil pump with Arp shaft
Cloyes double roller timing set
Canton pan and Canton windage tray
Bennet Racing spec'd Comp Cam's Solid roller 728intake/721exhaust 272/286 [email protected] on a 112 lobe sep.
Brodix 225 cnc Track 1's heads fresh valve job & has larger intake valve/titanium.
Jesel shaft mount rockers
Parker Funnel Web ported & matched intake
Prosystems 950cfm carb
msd crank trigger distributor and wheel
Csr water neck
15:1 cr
Location Kenosha, WI $7500