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Selling stock block 331 small block Ford short block +. I'm basically selling the complete long block minus heads and intake. Car made 470 hp/425 ft-lb of torque to thr wheels on a Mustang dyno with Trickflow 11R 190 heads and an Edlebrock Victor intake. You can view the engine running in this recap video on my YouTube channel, Savage Productions. Search "ALL MOTOR Fox Body Made HOW MUCH Power?"

Engine was built about three years ago and has about 5,000 street miles and over 100 track passes on it, so still a TON of life left on everything.

Block needs new crank and thrust bearing. Thrust bearing wore itself to the hard metal, which began to eat into the crank. The rest of the parts are all fully operational and in great shape. The same crank brand new is $250.

Factory block bored 0.030 over
Block was machined, line bored, deck honed, balanced, and blueprinted by Cropper Racing Engines in Flemingsburg, Ky
Scat 331 stroker kit with Probe FPS Forged pistons
ARP Bolts Everywhere
Lunati Voodoo cam kit
Double roller timing chain and gear set
Summit SFI harmonic balancer
Canton oil pan
Canton oil pickup
Canton windage tray
Canton main cap girdle
Oil pump and oil pump rod
(Oiling components detached)

Asking $2,500 AS-IS, or we can fix and assemble it. Fixed would be $3,250.

Accel 36 lb injectors $200
Trickflow 1.6 roller rockers $200
Chromoly pushrods (I'll measure later) $50

Would provide awesome deal if all purchased together.

I could be convinced to sell my Trickflow 11R 190 56cc assembled heads, but I would need $1,500 FIRM for those. They are $1,650 new.

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