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Looking at putting together a combo for next spring. i would like to go 347 but who makes a good 347? does DSS have their 347 act together? coast high? might just go 331 but if i could get some extra cubes why not...i live like 2 hours from DSS and i know there good so i could pick it up myself and not pay shipping, but coast high has their 347 for a grand less than DSS less shipping...

so here goes, what u think...

347 10.x.1 compression (331 if 347 not reliable enough,long lasting)
TF TW heads (have)
TF track heat intake (is it worth selling my street for the track?)
custom cam? would my steeda #19 be too small? remember this is my daily driver though and dont want something that will shake the car really bad....
MAC longtubes
matching high flow cat h-pipe
bassani cat back
3.73's (worth swapping up to 4.10's?
30lb'ers and matching 75mm pro-m
70mm tb (have)
AODE with PI ~3000 stall, lentech valvebody, level 10 innards, twin tranny coolers
custom tuned autologic chip by cerra racing

ideas? suggestions, could she run 11.99? or rather i should say have the power to run 11.99... thanks guys!
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