Powerbuilt 3 Piece Damaged Screw Remover and Extractor Set
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33% OFF! Powerbuilt 3 Piece Damaged Screw Remover and Extractor Set

Product Description

Few things in life are more frustrating and stubborn than a stripped, broken or painted over screw. If you don't have one of these screw extractor sets handy, your project or repair grinds to a halt. Be prepared for the inevitable and avoid an unscheduled trip to the hardware store by having a set in your toolbox or on your workbench. This handy set includes 3 hardened steel screw extractors in the most commonly needed sizes: #1, #2 and #3, Simply load the appropriate size extractor into your power drill and turn your potential disaster into a successful extraction operation. works on slotted, phillips, square head, Pozi, Torx, hex, square and pretty much every other type of screw.
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--Use with a power drill to extract broken stripped and painted over screws
--Includes #1, #2 and #3 screw extractors
--Hardened steel with bronze plating bites into screws for sure grip
--Storage case included