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It will help going with aluminum heads but a 50/50 weight distribution is not the "holy grail" with a production based race car... the point I was trying to make in my earlier post.

I had a 50 oz crank in my "mule engine" I put together while I was getting my comp license. I beat that thing to hell and back and never had any problems. However, some of my competitors have experienced broken 50 oz cranks. In CMC we have relatively low horsepower engines... you would probably be dollars ahead to just get a standard weight forged crank already set up to be internally balanced. Your set up is much hotter than the run of the mill CMC engine.

I spoke with another foxbody race, he races in American Sedan, 470hp plus carb 306

he said the stock crank is plenty for what iam doing around 300-350 hp and he also said the stock crank is the lightest, which is a benefit at my power levels.

I have OCD for weight reduction and getting the car dialed in right, cannot wait to get her back on the scales.
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