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A few things up front, one I don't race and I am not looking to knock anyone off. Second, I am not asking for your specific setups publically but privately would be cool, but respect if that's not happening. What I am really looking for are ranges.

SOHC specs are hard to come by, but DOHC specs are pretty much hidden in a vault. I suspect because having 2 cams doubles the number of permutations, ie more difficult to find the optimum setup. Once you find it or pay for it, you would like to keep the advantage.

I reference SHM page on cams, I found 2 errors, please correct me if I am wrong:
SHM 4V cam spec page
Stage2 and Stage3 cams are identical except stage2 exhaust closes at 5 ATDC and stage3 closes at 10 ATDC,
yet the CL and durations are identical. Either the duration is off on stage2s or something because going by CLs and durations it's a 20* overlap but going by open/close it's a 15* over lap. What's the difference in the 2 cams?
On the race cams, the exhaust closes ABDC, I suspect it should be ATDC, but I am no expert.

I suspect these numbers are actual not advertised because they mention .050. Correct?

My questions for discussion:

-Can someone show me a link describing the actual regrind process? Is it just taking material off of a cam. Can you add material?(I don't think so, but I don't know)
Can you start out with a solid rod vs a stock cam?
I suspect something about a master would need to be made? Correct?

-What's the deal with SHM regrinds vs other regrinds? I heard they do something a little different with washers or something make up space?

-What are the CAM specs for a 2001 Cobra? I would like a base reference point

-2V specs are not useful to 4V specs because the 2 motors have different powerbands. Correct?

-What are the (max number or ranges) of CL, duration for a NA 4V car before idle and driveabilty issues occur?

-What are the numbers(range) on lift when special springs and other special valvetrain parts are needed?
I have seen a number of aftermarket oversized valves and valvetrain parts that always seem to mention you have to use this particular sping or seat or something when using valve or this max lift. Is it a advertising gimic to get you to buy the entire kit?

-What range do I go with to not loose all the bottom and yet gain the top end?

-Do I need all of the top racing valvetrain items, or which items start to have performance outweigh durability? retainers, locks, seals, seats, ......

-Where are the numbers coming from? Say I just like the number 222, because it's easy to remember and make it my duration and also it is1/2 between stage1 and stage2 and lets make it have a 8* overlap for a lumpy sound. Now get as much lift as possible. Is this way to randomly pick specs? Or do I only get to pick from a select few already preset regrinds?

-Suggestions or experience for specs, what and where I should get my cams done.

APPLICATION: hard driven every single day street car, alot of highway miles, reliability is priority, performance is secondary but necessary.

PARTS: Cam regrinds + matching valvetrain plus AccuFab TB, Lighting MAF, 30lb, heads and intake totally P&P, forged rods & pistons, Hooker LT(not yet available), plus the stuff already on car (6spd, aluminum....)maybe fuel system alter if needed

I appreciate your help, but this is sort of like black magic. I've gotten info from the archives, magazines and books but any other particular threads or links on this topic would be appreciated. I'm not trying to be lazy or steal your stuff, I am just not looking to this job twice or reinvent the wheel.

thank you for your help.
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