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I have decided that it is time to part ways with my 5.4L powered SN95 and move onto a new 5.0... I am going to be reverting my car back to a stock 4.6 and have a lot of 5.4L specific parts for sale. Some of these parts will also work for 4.6 cars as well. I welcome PM's for any (reasonable) offers you may have. I will keep the thread updated as parts sell off.

i can also be reached via email: [email protected]

HPS 5.4L Intake manifold: $675
Comp 270AH Cams: $400
Comp Adjustable Cam gears: $150
Trickflow 75mm TB & Elbow: $100
FRPP 24 lb/hr injectors: $100
TwEECer RT w/ 5.4L specific files: $400

Let me know... Thanks!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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