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So I been searching all over the web and I have gathered that I can fit 29.5w slicks under my 1980 notch that I am installing teamz mini tubs in.

I found a thread that says mini tubs with narrowed rear 2" on each side fits 15x12x 6" bs

So I being the math genius 馃檭 figured that means since I have a stock length rear end 4:10:1 that I can just get 15x12x 8.5" back spacing and Not narrow my rear end.

There was someone saying I have to pie cut the inner fender. I take it that means he said the fenders need flaired? But didn't really say how much flare and I quote

""You have to cut the inner fender at the bottom ... kind of a pie cut on both sides... to fit a 29.5" tall. I have a Wolfe mini tub and can fit up to 17" wide total cross section but the problem becomes the height. Only tires that are wide enough to take advantage of the width at 28" don't get wider then say 12" plus section width. I currently run a 11.5" X 28" MT Slick on a 12" rim that swims in the mini tub and have also run a 325 50 15 that also fit without cutting the inner fender... anything taller needs to be cut i.e. 29 or 29.5 plus.""

He never said what wheel he used or if he narrowed the rear end.
I did plan to roll the fenders if that's what he meant....

Everywhere I read about this people are narrowing the rear end. Am I missing something here? Cuz I'm thinking I can just do a deeper back spacing.

Has anyone gotten a 29.5w to fit this way? Will it work for me?

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Not sure about a 1980, but if it's like the '86-93 Fox bodies, I think you'll have clearance issues with the coil spring/lower trailing arms, and stock shock mounts & locations.

Not to mention the quad shock mounts/ locations if you're still running those.

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Just spend the extra and narrow the rear end. I charge $200 to put an 8.8 in my jig and weld ends back on, then axles of your choice. That way you won't have some oddball backspaing wheel.
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