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Got my hands on a used set of Bosch 21lb 'pink' EV1 injectors from a late 02/03 GT. The intent is to throw these on my 95 GTS (tuned).

While testing them with one of those cheap amazon kits, was curious to see they had a 4-hole spray. I was under the impression the 4 hole design was only available on the EV6 injectors and later. Did Bosch have a crossover between EV1/6?

Rather than open a debate if 21lb or 24lb or etc... is better to put on a bolt on Windsor, the intent is to learn more about the injectors itself. I get most everyone just jumps on the 24s as the next size up, but 21lb weren't common or available when 19/24 were first introduced. Everything I read states the 21lb was Fords response to substantiating their claim of 260hp on later GTs. Obviously more lbs = more fuel, but never once read the pintle being upgraded to a 4 hole

Just curious
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