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Official Release of our 3.7 V6 Chambered Round catback. One of the best sounding V6's I have heard.

We are only doing the catback for now. It hooks directly to the car's factory X. As far as how loud the exhaust is, we grabbed some decibel #'s to compare to stock. Here they are:

Inside- idle 52db, 1600rpm 60Mph 66db, 1800rpm 35mph 65db
Outside 10ft from tip- idle 65db, 4000rpm 74db, 6000rpm 84db

Our M12V6CB cat-back-
inside- idle 55db, 1600rpm 60MPH 67db, 1800rpm 35MPH 66db
Outside 10ft from tip- idel 66db, 4000rpm 81db, 6000rpm 91db

We are taking orders now, contact an authorized Stainless Works Dealer today!
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