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2006 Mustang GT W/ MMR 600 Motor & More Located in Austin, TX

For sale before you is a 2006 GT Mustang 5spd manual. This Mustang has just under 85,000 miles but this car has a built shortblock, and a newer stock 5 speed transmission along with quite a few other parts I will go over after I explain a few other things about the car. It does have dings here and there and a few dents that would probably cost around 1k in body work to have repaired, but that is why I am pricing the vehicle the way I have it priced.

As far as modifications go, the list is quite extensive, but the car is practically stock power wise. The reason being is that I had a supercharger on the motor, but I parted ways with it before I decided to sell the car as a whole.

Basically, the car has a built shortblock from MMR known as the MMR 600 and all the information on the shortblock is in the link following this sentence. . .


For those of you who do not know what the significance of this shorblock is, it is the fact that it was built with stronger internals such as forged rods and pistons to handle all of the power my Saleen Supercharger I had on it before, could throw at it. It is guaranteed by MMR to hold 600 rear wheel horsepower (RWHP) and that's only because it is built with a stock 3v crankshaft along with the forged I-beam MMR rods and forged Manley pistons. The stock crankshaft has been known to hold 750RWHP without failing under proper conditions, and also not seeing 7000+ RPM. So, what all this means, is this engine is reinforced to hold some serious power when you add the power adder of your choice, Ie. supercharger, turbo chargers, and/or nitrous.

This motor was rebuilt by Lethal Performance in San Antonio, Tx in 2011 and now has right at 19,000 miles on it since the rebuild. The heads were decked/shaved .0020 which brings the compression ratio to about 9.6:1 with stock gaskets from my calculations. The block is 9.3:1 when used with stock heads and gaskets. I broke the engine in EXACTLY as specified and I have paperwork on all of this along with receipts of the rebuild from Lethal Performance, and paperwork from MMR on the block. The most power the block ever saw was only 497RWHP, so it really wasn't even used to its full potential.

The stock transmission was hurt so I sourced another one used from a member on this forum and had that one installed along with a brand new Spec Stage 3+ clutch and pressure plate kit, slave cylinder, and had the stock flywheel resurfaced to work with the clutch by HHP Racing in Lewisville, Tx, and I also have documentation on this. The transmission had 56,000 miles on it when I installed it, and now it has around 60,000 miles on it. When I had HHP racing install everything, I had the oil changed in it as well. The clutch was pretty much put in it and then wasn't driven much at all because it was sitting at my Dad's house in Carrollton up there by Dallas and Lewisville where it had that work done, so the clutch has literally about 900 miles on it, and that includes me driving it from Carrollton to Austin where it is now. It has just barely been broken in! The transmission, fluid, clutch, flywheel and all that stuff was done in late 2012.

There is also a fuel pump system that a friend and I kinda built to get more fuel to the engine because of the supercharger I had. The fuel system consists of the stock fuel hat with 2 walbro 255lph fuel pumps wired in. A ton of people have done this though, so it's nothing new. They will easily support 650RWHP on pump fuel with the right injectors.

Another thing the car has that is a good thing to have when using forced induction, is a Wideband Gauge. It has an AEM Wideband Gauge installed with a Roush Vent Pod in the vent at the very left.
The car is outfitted with stock wheels wrapped in Firestone Firehawk tires with plenty of tread! One of the tires is newer and slightly different than the rest, but only because they didn't have a matching tire for it that day. It is so close to being the same you have to really study it to notice which one it is. As far as brakes go, it has been upgraded to EBC red stuff brake pads and EBC slotted rotors. They look really nice on the car and feel awesome. These also have around 900 miles of use on them so they're also barely just broken in.

Really the only performance mod is the exhaust. It has an offroad x-pipe along with a custom built Magnaflow Magnapack muffler setup. The car sounds AMAZING and very mean.

The suspension has been updated a little bit with a new sway bar and end links up front and the car was aligned after my dad had the suspension put back to stock. It was only lowered and had some rear end components for better traction.

So, basically, this car has been sitting in Carrollton at my folks house in the garage for the last two years or so, and my dad has been tinkering with it and driving it every once in awhile to keep it fresh. That explains why it has the newer clutch, brake components, and all the transmission work done and has so few miles on these parts. We were going to fix it up completely but we lost interest in messing with it and decided to move on to a new project.

The car is ready to have a bad ass power adder thrown on it and pushed hard. It has been built to handle it, and I guarantee you it will hold up to 650+rwhp for as long as you run the car under proper conditions, but also to be driven as a stock daily driver! Contact me @ 325 200 2482 or you can contact me on here but shooting me a text will be quickest. Asking $12,999, which I believe is a fair price considering the way it is setup. I have much more paperwork on it as well including receipts for oil changes we've done and other little repairs and small parts we've replaced. I may be leaving some stuff out but feel free to ask any questions you have. Thanks.

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