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2004 Mystichrome Terminator vert 4600 mile virgin

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Up for sale is my 4600 mile virgin 2004 Mustang Cobra convertible. This car has never been modded, is in incredible condition top-to-bottom/inside-out and still rides on its original tires. I have spent considerable time under this car making the bottom-side as fantastic as the top-side! The steering wheel and driver’s seat, which often show wear on these cars, still look new. The sun visors, which are commonly sun-bleached on the convertibles show zero signs of fade. The original floor mats were placed in the trunk when new and a rare set of Cobra floor mats are in the cabin. Everything on the car works as it should including cold air-conditioning. The car had a recent oil change and both coolant systems have been recently flushed/filled. The car drives like new. See the end of the video below to see the car driven. This car has lived a cushy life and it shows... my garage is clean and climate controlled.

I have driven this car very sparingly. I am a collector and this is a car I had planned to keep forever. I recently came across a super low-mile example and now have two of the same cars. I’m listing the 4600 mile car for sale at $37.5k, but haven’t ruled out keeping it to use as an occasional driver. I do not plan to drive the other car. If my price is met, this stunning collector car will go to a new home.

The Mystichrome “Terminator” Cobras are absolutely amazing in person! The car’s paint and leather interior changes from blue to green to purple to black. The car always gets a lot of attention when it goes out since most have never seen anything like it. This convertible is 1 of 495 made and is the only car ever to have color changing paint and interior. The car comes with all of the paperwork seen below.

If anyone would like more information/pictures, please send me an email: [email protected]

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