This is a basic "kit" to install a 2004 Cobra IRS into a 1979-1993 Fox Mustang.

Included with kit:
  1. 2004 Cobra IRS with Maximum Motorsports polyurethane subframe bushings. IRS has roughly 60k miles, OEM 3.55 gears and OEM 31 spline half shafts, the IRS has never been disassembled
  2. Cobra IRS chassis mounting brackets modified to bolt to OEM Fox Mustang quad shock chassis mount locations
  3. Rear brakes consisting of: used Mustang GT calipers, new Cobra IRS caliper cages, new Cobra rear rotors, new Cobra IRS caliper hoses, new Hawk HPS Cobra brake pads, used SN95 disc brake e-brake cables, used SN95 disc brake e-brake handle, used SN95 floor pan e-brake cable bracket (cut to remove from floor pan, you need to weld or bolt it into your Fox floor pan)
  4. Rear shocks and coil overs consisting of: new Koni single adjustable shocks supplied by Maximum Motorsports, modified by Maximum Motorsports to work with coil overs, new Maximum Motorsports rear coil over conversion kit, new 525 lb/in springs
  5. Exhaust consisting of: used Bassani stainless steel x-pipe for 03-04 Cobra, 2.5" diameter tubing, with fake catalytic converters, and Bassani stainless steel cat back for 03-04 Cobra, with 2.5" tubing and 4" exhaust tips
  6. Ford Motorsport aluminum driveshaft, 3.5" diameter, new mount for large flange 8.8 used on 03/04 Cobra IRS, new u-joints, used transmission yoke splined for GM T56, the driveshaft has been shortened to 41.375" center-center length and balanced by Olivers Driveshafts in Winston-Salem NC.
There are two images of the IRS mounting brackets mounted to my 1991 Fox Mustang chassis using the quad shock bolt locations.

You will have to make arrangements to pick this up in Raleigh, NC. If the listing goes on for a long time I may consider building a pallet and shipping it, but I am going to wait and see if it sells locally first.

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