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Have a 2000 GT Vert wanting to put aftermarket upgrades on to make it really perform, but remain a sleeper. Only things I have added as far as performance are 2 chamber flow masters. It came with 3 1/2 inch polished tips. I have put Kuhmo 275/35/18
tires mounted on Y2K Chrome Cobra Wheels. Have just ordered Saleen chrome underdrive pulleys.

Would like to know which power adders and performance items work best. Everyone has an opinion, but dont want to spend money for a lot of items that when finished dont work well together.

Thinking of adding lowering springs, shocks, struts, caster/camber plates, 373 rear end, MAC Cold Air kit, X Pipe or H pipe with high flow cats, and then something to really boost power, a NOX kit.

Anyone with other ideas or does this sound about right.
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