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2 coupe doors - excellant shape

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I have both doors from an 88 Fox Coupe for sale. They are complete with glass, power regulators, mirors, good black handles. No visible rust on the bottom of either door. VERY good shape. Located in Athens, AL. $200 plus shipping.
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can i get some pics and also how much for shipping 45885 ohio
still have these?on ms coast and may move on these. What color are they?
coupe doors

they are a dark grey. they are the factory color but i'm not sure what the Ford name is?
any chance of pix on these? I'm still not sure that I'd need both but I'd still like to take a look at them. I've got a buddy that works in and out of Huntsville so shipping wouldn't be needed.

I'll get pics this evening. thanks!
still for sale. email me for pics. [email protected]
new price - $175 plus shipping
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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