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2.3T, shortblock, svo wiring, ecu, FMS cam

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I have a bunch of extra/left over 2.3 turbo parts that I am not going to use. If anyone is interested in a 2.3T swap, I can probably gather together almost enough for a complete engine. I can make package deals on the below and I’m interested in trades for 5.0 pushrod performance parts. I can get pics of anything requested. Prices include shipping to the lower 48 except the shortblock. Located near Philadelphia. For faster response, email: jhb2_2000 @ yahoo com

87-88TC block with JE pistons, crower rods, total seal rings, stock crank, approx. 4000 miles on it $1,000 {SOLD##
SVO square intake, tall upper, non rotated, ported lower and gutted upper opened to 65mm $250
FMS A-234 flat tappet cam, never installed, includes new HLAs and followers $150 {SOLD##
1986 SVO Engine & Injector wiring harness (needs TPS pigtail) $100
LA3 ECU and large VAM $75 {SOLD##
SVO cam/valve cover, nice shape $40

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I am part of a Lemons race team that is running a 1989 stock 2.3. We were about to install a ranger cam for more power. I looked up the specs on the 234 and it looks like a good road course cam.

Would you take $50 for it. Promise to give it a good life with lots of fresh lube and regular exercise.


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