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2.3L New Starters For Sale

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We have a stock of new, unboxed E1ZF AA 0H28B (SA#729B) Motorcraft service replacement starters available for sale for your 2.3L Mustang or SVO. Numbers correct replacement used on 1981 but same part fits through 1986 as a service replacement even though book number match calls for SA#742.

Bottom line is that Ford no longer sells new starters but only remaufactured ones so unless you're lucky to find a treasure chest of em', you'll be hard pressed to find new. I put one on my 86' SVO since it's an all original and no AutoZone Delco-Remy would do for me.

These starters list from Ford for (Motorcraft SA # 729B) $116.57 as remanufactured only and while you may be able to buy these at AutoZone remanufactured for $45.00, why would you want to?

Selling for $50.00 plus $9.00 domestic shipping UPS ground insured. Check out our excellent Ebay rating and customer feedback, username gyrhead. 100% satisfaction and we can email you pictures. Ask yourself, "wouldn't I rather have original Ford for $5.00 more?". Well, wouldn't you? Feel free to call either Tom or Paul at (978)-682-5817 for more information or email at [email protected] or [email protected]. Thanks
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