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2.3 turbo engine and transmission

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2.3 turbo and ford t5 from a 1988 turbocoupe. Engine was disassembled to the short block. Cylinder walls looked brand new. Head was ported, boport high flow stainless valves, boport springs, retainers,keepers, and roller rocker arms. A237 cam, New timing set, and water pump. Apr head studs were used. Tubular turbo header, turbonetics wastegate, and a brand new Garrett t3/t4 hybrid turbo(60/48) Lower intake was ported as well. No upper intake, however I do have the throttle body. Big vam, la3 computer, and wire harness. I started stripping the harness down to eliminate all emissions sensors and wires. Resurfaced flywheel, centerforce clutch, and short throw shifter. I would be willing to separate the engine from transmission. I can get some pictures up tomorrow.

$1500 for everything.
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