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2.3 engine

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Anyone have a 2.3 engine?

Doesn't have to run, just need one for a builder. Ranger engine will also work. Any year from '74 through '94; the '95-newer are a little different and I can't use those. Located in Central Arkansas; can drive a little.

PM through this site works best.
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I actually found a couple locally. Unfortunately, the circle track guys have them all horded....hard to find out here, and when you do, they're gone in no time. Can't tell you how many of them I've thrown away-perfectly GOOD engines too, tried to give them away on classifieds, no takers, got tired of them rusting away in the corner of the shop/garage/storage room and ditched 'em. But when I need ONE, might as well be searching for lizard feathers. I found a complete small journal 2.3 out of a Mustang and the next day found a '88 Turbocoupe engine. I'm all 2.3'd up for a while. Hopefully a long while.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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