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2.3 complete ported head/intake for sale

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2.3 complete engine/ ported head/intake for sale

have a running 2.3
just got the head ported and polished, dual springs, locks retainers changed, a 231 roller cam, intake polished and upper/lower gasket matched, SC throttle body, header as well.
Head has the largest Ferrea valves that would fit with a 5 angle valve job. previous owner freshened the bottom end, i just put a new pump and aux shaft and dizzy.
still in the car running but the turbo bearings eat their self.(dont buy used turbos by the way unless you really know them.) so the turbo is gone you may as well say but it will go with the engine.

i got 800.00 in the head/intake work plus the oil pump and shaft and dizzy with less than 2500 miles.

ill take 800.00 for the complete engine, unbolt from the bell housing and pull the wires off and load it up.(minus the alternator and PS pump and such...)s

in Southeastern NC.

texting would be quickest way to get me.

91o 64o 5127
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Any interest in selling just the head? With or without the cam.
want to sell complete so i pull everything at once......
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