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1998 GT 4 Sale (New Jersey)

I have a black 1998 GT with ~55-60k miles, that im am looking to sell. The Odometer reads about 73k miles, but the speedo has been off since i bought the car a year ago, and i have 4.10's now, so its even MORE off. I need to speed-cal the speedometer still...See sig for mods. Its an Automatic trans and the car has black and grey dash with full grey leather interior. I allow no smoking WHAT-SO-EVER! so its clean It passed Jersey Inspection (which i hate so much) this past July ('03). The car is lowered 2" and looks REAL sharp, along with some other appearance mods i did. The car has a CLEAN TITLE from CarFax and has been in no accidents. I have a custom CD face in the dash with pioneer spearkers all around.

I currently have a custom 2000 Cobra R hood on the car, and STILL have the stock hood, so that is yours too if you want to buy the car, no prob. I take real good care of the car, and change the oil every 3k miles and sometimes use Slick50, which by the way, is amazing.

Appearance wise, there is a dent in the roof and some scratches, looks like someone slid something acros the hood to the driver's side. So they need to be taken out...and will. Are some other slight marks associated w/ highway driving. 2" scratch on passenger side dront fender. Been there since i got the car.

Mechanically wise, the car runs great. I know someone who is a mechanic with a Ford Dearship here in Jersey, and he hooks me up with modifying and maintaing my car. If you live in the Northern New Jersey area i can hook you up with him, if you want to buy the car that is

Want to sell the car because i am gettign sick of automatic, and i am looking for a 99 GT (manual). I am going home this weekend, and will post some pics of the car or you can e-mail me with questions at: [email protected]

I am asking $10,500obo (or looking to trade for a 99 GT 5spd (manual only), white, red or black.
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