Mileage:140000 M
Engine:4.6L DOHC
Selling my 98 Laser Red Cobra... Entertaining reasonable offers!

Bought this a few years ago with the intent to front to back rebuild
Got a deal on a 19 GT and decided to put time and resources into that instead.

This car has A LOT of unknowns about it, a project car in the truest sense of the word.

Bought it form a dealer outside of Portland a few years ago
Dude turned out to be shady as hell, clean carfax, but it is obvious it has seen some time in a garage.
I guess they can't disclose what doesn't get reported to them.

Anyway, drove the car 6 hours back to Boise, had some issues, but I got it here.

Clutch is worn to the very top of the pedal travel, wasn't worried about that because I planned a killer turbo motor and the trans to handle it.
Clunks a little on decel
Had a guy come test drive it, and either he did something or it was just time for the power steering hose to let go, so PS is not working.
Has a bad ground or something, so it will eat a battery if not run regularly.
Had a terrible tint job, replaced the back window and had it re-tinted
Replaced the steering rack, as the old one was about to let go
Replaced wheel hubs in the front trying to chase down clunking noise, and they badly needed it

Interior is alright for a 23+ year old car, radio works.
Cruise doesn't work, and the button has popped off (still have it)

Paint is a Monet, looks pretty good from a few steps back, but needs some work. It may have been re-cleared before I bought it

Tires are new, but some off brand

Engine starts and runs pretty well, no misses, revs well, still puts out decent power, doesn't overheat

Trans grinds a little, I'm assuming it is the OG T-45.

Body is in good shape, original fiberglass hood

It's been lowered, has proper Eibach springs, caster/camber plates.

I don't HAVE to sell this car, if it doesn't go for a fair price, I'll park it in the shop and get around to it eventually.
I figured I'd give someone else a crack at it as it is a solid base to build on.

If you are looking for a car that needs a little TLC, NOT a turn key drive it every day car, this is what you are looking for.
Needs a lot of work, that's why I am priced low for what it is, and am open to fair offers.
Being up front and honest so that you know this car is not going to be reliable until it has some time and money put into it.
I would trailer it home or have it shipped.

I have it on CL and AutoTrader, but I have gotten nothing but scammers so far on both.