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Re: No Luck pulling codes, OBD II?

timk said:
so, ive been getting an oddball check engine light. it comes on any old time it wants, goes out in 5 seconds or maybe 2 minutes. it never stays.

i go to autozone to get a scan, as they'll do it for free. i tell the guy at the counter its a 95, so it has to be obd I. well, he looks under the dash, and sure enough, it has the obd II port!


well, the obd II scan tool he was using kept reading "error". so, the tool wouldnt read.

what's my problem? do all you 95 guys have obd II ports?

confusing oddball model, that 95. new body, old engine, wierd computer...........
Its obviously a sensor man...your MAF would make you car run like hell...bad 02's wouldnt necassarily make you CE light come on, and again, you would feel it.

Check your EGR and IAC IAC was busted, the CE light would come on and off but wouldnt affect the way the car ran. Same with my EGR sensor.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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