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I have a 94. I know for sure my car is OBD I. I got the 30$ scanner at Wal Mart and it works great with my EEC. I plug it in , by removing the cap over the plug on the side of the passenger strut tower and connecting my scanner.
I am very confident the 5.0L mustang Engines were always OBDI. In 1996 they went to the OBDII and the 4.6L engine to meet the emmissions requirements on cars and because the OBDII was required in 1996.
The guy at Schucks or wherever went under the dash, because that is where he is used to looking for OBDII ports. Be aware that alot of people who tell you things like they know what they are talking about don't really know.
Ask yourself why ford would bother to bring the computer up to OBDII when they were going to replace the engine and computer combination the next year in order to meet federal requirements?
I believe the 3.8L engine was OBDII in 94 and 95. Ford did this, because they were not going to another engine in 96 so they planned ahead to meet the federal requirements.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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