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I was pulling into my garage yesterday after work when I saw a large pubble of liquid on the floor. I stopped my car, got out, and noticed it was a good sized pool of oil.

The oil looked good though, not mixed with coolant, etc...

I parked my car and popped the hood. There was an oil leak somewhere and it was all pooled up beneath the blower.

I have a Vortech blower on my 95 Cobra.

I took off the fat tubing that connects to the throttle body and noticed there was oil inside that AND oil in the throttle body.

First question... Is my engine damaged? By the way, the car seemed like it was driving fine to me.

Then I took off the tubing that goes onto the port of the blower. There are two, but the one that has the little fan impeller in it had lots of oil on it.

So I assume my supercharger is leaking oil and blowing it into my motor.

Can any of this be fixed??

Thanks guys!
- Scott (has a sinking feeling....)
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