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So I'm using TwEECer on a 94 GT 5.0 with T5 - 163K motor from AZ (read hot summers).
Had it dialed in for first start and was running good for a few months after initial first start and test runs around the neighborhood.
Then went intermittent to failure over 4-5 start in the same day.

- no fuel pump power
- MIL light on immediately

Did a few easy things first before I tried to chase down a ground or wire issue:
- swapped relays (no change)
- checked fuses (good)
- put +12 to pump (no issue)
- swapped ECM as I happen to have a spare (fixed the issue)

So question is this, is there a known issue here and is there a DIY repair to the capacitor/resistors in the ECM that I can attempt in my spare time as its a spare anyway.


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What was the fault code for the CEL?

If you disassemble this case, most of the time you can see the damage, whether it’s a burned trace, or swollen capacitor, etc
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