Mileage:172000 M
I've been tossing the idea around for a few years now and I finally decided to sell my 1994 Mustang GT. I bought this car when I was 19 years old, put a lot of blood sweat and tears (many tears) in to this car. Even though I do not need to sell, I hate the fact that I almost never drive it anymore. Not to mention, I purchased a nice 1963 1/2 Falcon Sprint that I want to put more work into. Originally I thought I would sell the Mustang to pay for the paint job on the Falcon, but since I purchased the Falcon two years ago, I already saved up enough money to paint the car.

The car: I purchased the car back in 1996 from the original owner in CA with about 35K miles on the clock. I quickly joined a local Mustang club and racked up a bunch of miles very quickly. I then purchased a second car and drove the vehicle only as a second car. Looking through my records, I registered the car in 2003 with 160K miles and have only put 12K miles in almost 19 years. During my ownership, it has been garaged for at least 25 out of the 26 years of ownership. This car is a pretty good representation of 1990 to early 2000's muscle with a lot of parts that came from that era. Pretty much everything on the car has been changed or replaced at one time or another, sometimes multiple times. Personally, I rate the car a strong 7-8 out of 10, but a lot of my friends say you will have a hard time finding a better SN95 in the area. I will say that you will have trouble finding a never wrecked, original paint, zero rust, 1994 Mustang that makes NA 310rwhp and 315ftlbs of torque with GT40P iron heads.

  • 1994 Mustang GT Crystal White/ grey cloth interior
  • Cobra Bumper cover
  • Cobra R hood
  • Ford OEM Cobra headlights
  • 17 x 9 and 17 x 10.5" deep dish bullitt wheels
-245/45/17 front and 285/40/17 rear tires with 75% thread depth

Interior: I have always been a fanatical about not letting anyone drink or eat, smoke etc in my car (people just knew).
  • New ACC grey carpet
  • Grey Corbeau GTSII seats, perfect condition, no rips tears or stains
  • Rear seat delete
  • Cobra white instrument cluster overlay
  • A-pillar pod with water temp / oil pressure autometer gauges
  • Clarion head unit, Infinity Kappa speakers, Fosgate / Soundstream amplifiers. Very clean sounding.

  • 03/04 Cobra front control arms
  • Ford Motorsport C springs
  • Bilstein struts / shocks
  • Kenny Brown sub frame connectors and Jacking rails
  • Kenny Brown Panhard bar (not installed, but included)
  • Maximum Motorsports rear lower control arms
  • Maximum Motorsports aluminum offset rack bushings
  • 2001 Bullitt / Cobra PBR 13" front brakes (red with running horse)
  • MM stainless front brake lines.
  • Ford Motorsport Strut tower brace that fits over aftermarket intakes (not installed but included)
  • Maximum Motorsports caster/ camber plates

  • Competition Machine built 306 short block, using RPM 5140 Forged I-beam rods, clevite bearings, RPM iron crank, KB Hyper pistons, balanced and blueprinted, powerbond SFI balancer, 10:1 compression
  • Neil Erickson fully ported / angle milled GT40P heads, with beehive springs, titanium retainers, 1.84" intake and 1.55" exhaust valves, 1.7 Comp Cams roller rockers, All flowbench printouts included.
  • Custom Neil Erickson cam that is aroundn .600" lift and made from a COMP Cams xtreme energy core. Idles at 800rpm alll day with no issues.
  • Ported Edelbrock RPM intake
-C&L 76mm MAF with power pipe, 24lb injectors, 255LPH high pressure intake pump
- Crane Digital HI-6 ignition box (before they went under)
-Fluidyne Radiator

  • Smooth shifting stock T5 with less than 15K miles since full rebuild, using D&D components
  • Ford Motorsport King Cobra Clutch
  • Ford Motorsport aluminum driveshaft
  • Superior 28 spline axles, rebuilt trac-loc , Ford Motorsport 3.73 gears
  • Newly installed Maximum motorsports OEM style clutch cable, quadrant and firewall adjuster
  • Pro-5.0 Power Tower shifter

  • J4J1 stock Cobra computer
  • Tuned with Tweecer RT ( can provide saved tune files)
  • Zeitronix wideband oxygen sensor
  • Keyless entry
  • No check engine lights, doesn't overheat, idles smoothly, freezing cold A/C
  • just replaced battery

  • MAC ceramic coated longtube headers
  • Dr. Gas X-pipe
  • Bassani mufflers / Flowmaster stainless tips

  • NOS 05115 dry nitrous kit, only used once on the street and once on the dyno, still has 15 year old bottle at 800psi.
  • BMN window switch with 1st gear lockout

Probably tons of parts that I forgot to mentions (ie. underdrives, coil, UPR smog pump delete) or that I ran out of time to list.

Pros / Cons
The good,
  • Registered until 08/2022
  • starts and runs every time you crank. Car has never left me stranded
  • Car has a spotless interior, stereo sounds better than my 70K F150
  • Probably the best looking and sounding SN95 in your neighborhood

The bad.
  • Car sold "as is"!!! That means, I will not be smogging it before I sell it. I has current valid registration, but if you need to smog a new purchase where you live, you are on your own.
  • Smog equipment is included, but I no longer have the catted stock H-pipe (I lent it to somone and never got it back).
  • Paint is original and super shiny. Like I said, probably a 7-8 out of 10, but the car does have a small chips and micro scratching from being stored under a car cover for so long. I didn't know better when I would leave it for long periods of time in my garage or my parents garage covered. Covers leave little scratches when shifted around by the wind. I only ever used a DA polisher which isn't aggressive enough to get the micro scratches out. A good buffer coulld take them out if you are so inclined.
  • Tint has seen better days. I had it installed in about 24 years ago and I scratched it on the driverside when I replaced the window regulator a few months ago.

$10500.00 OBO. Honestly, I do not want to sell it unless the buyer sees it in person first. Also, I won't respond to low ball offers. I'm willing to deal a little, but I'd rather part it out than let it go for nothing.