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1994 351w F-250 EEC ?

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So. I have a harness out of a '94 F-250 (the motor I rebuilt) and I am about ready to buy a computer.

Will this harness restrict me in anyway for my build? 600rwhp, Turbo build.

If the harness will work alright, can I use the F-250 computer that I have? Or should I buy a SN95 or an ECU out of a FI foxbody?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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It sounds like you're retrofitting the 351W into your '83? In that case I would choose an engine harness and matching computer that best suits your needs. One option might be to use a Fox body harness with GUFB strategy EEC-IV (A9L, A9P, A3M1, X3Z, etc.). Another option would be to use a modified SN95 Mustang harness with CBAZA strategy EEC-IV. Yet another option would be CDAN4 using a '96-97 Crown Vic/T-bird/Grand Marquis harness and EEC-V.

Each system has its pros and cons. EEC-V has the benefit of integrated EDIS8, 4R70W transmission control, and generally better programming. CBAZA and GUFB are proven performers that can be retrofitted with EDIS8 with an external module if needed. GUFB has no 4R70W control possibility, though.

To answer your question however, I would not run the F-250 EEC's. The harness might be useful for customizing the harness you will make your own for the '83.
Awesome response! Thank you!

If it helps, I am running a TKO600 so I don't need an automatic ECU / harness.

For the most part, could I "plug and play" an A9L / A9P into my harness and get things to work?

I have wired, from scratch, 100 motorcycles (all carbed stuff) so I am comfortable wiring, I just have never tackled an EFI car before.
If you can find any GUFB or CBAZA strategy EEC-IV, you're in business. Both are 60-pin connector units and should work with your F250 harness. You'd probably benefit from finding the pinout of the ECU you've got a harness for and comparing that with the CBAZA or GUFB pinout. I would probably opt for the CBAZA strategy as its slightly more refined, although I'm sure the GUFB would work just as well, really. Tuneable via a variety of programs, including Binary Editor and TunerPro RT. What programmer are you planning to run? A Quarterhorse would work nicely.
Is there a way to tell whether the ECU is GUFB or CBAZA?

I plan on using an SCT 6600 chip.

Does anyone have access to a decent wiring diagram? Google images is proving useless for me...
Thanks a bunch for the response and the link, looks very helpful!

Trying to wrap my head around all this is going to melt my brain.

As for the CDAN4, that would be an ECM from a 4.6 mustang correct? Just match EMC/Harness pinout and its ready to run / tune?
I can get my hands on a 94-95 5.0 harness with a T4M0 ecu. I'm running a stick in the car. As a complete system will that work in the car? I'm fine with cutting and splicing a few connectors here and there.

Thank guys!
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